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TURFIX | Synthetic turf installation, maintenance, repair, and more!

Turfix services indoor and outdoor sports facilities for clubs, high schools, colleges, and universities throughout the Midwest. We also service turf for playgrounds, municipalities, lawns, commercial pet runs, and more!

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Your Artificial Turf Experts


G-MAX Testing

What is G-Max Testing? When it comes to setting a maintenance plan in motion for your artificial turf field, the …
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Laying the Groundwork for Player Safety

Laying the Groundwork for Player Safety It’s been more than 50 years since the first turf field was laid and …
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Artificial Turf Myth Busters

Artificial Turf Myth Busters If you want to get a soccer mom’s attention, bring up the subject of artificial turf …
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Turf Wars: Artificial Turf vs. Natural Grass

Turf Wars: Artificial Turf vs. Natural Grass. There’s no doubt there’s something special about the smell of freshly mowed grass …
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TURFIX | Synthetic turf installation, maintenance, repair, and more!

Turfix Grass is “Greener”
than You May Think.

Turfix Grass is “Greener” than You May Think. It’s no secret that synthetic turf offers a lush, beautiful, low-maintenance alternative …
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Turfix Can Fix Your Field.

Turfix Can Fix Your Field. One of the major benefits of synthetic turf is that it is very difficult to …
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What TURFIX customers are saying

  • We used TURFIX to obtain and install Sports Turf 36” in our indoor batting cages, and around the periphery of the stadium football field. I could not be happier. They spent extra time planning and preparing. Time well spent, as both installations were excellent. A great bunch of guys to deal with whom paid strict attention to detail. Indeed, the real proof is in the pudding, all the coaches were equally impressed with the product and installation at both facilities.
    Dan Brazo
    Athletic Facilities and Grounds, University of Notre Dame
  • TURFIX has been a great local company for us to work with. Their attention to detail and knowledge base are second to none. After hours or on weekends they are available to answer questions and go beyond what is expected from your average turf company. I look forward to working with TURFIX on all future projects.
    Matt Kulik
    Western Michigan University
  • Chuck Albright not only represents his company (TURFIX), he represents great service to his customers. We’ve explored many options to improve our facilities at Holland Christian through him. He goes out of his way to assist us in having projects completed well. From our turf field and batting cages, to our new discus cage, Chuck was not satisfied until our facility and budget needs were met. I highly recommend Chuck and his service through TURFIX.
    Dave Engbers
    Holland Christian Athletics
  • Troy and Chuck Albright set the standard for customer service. They are dependable and trustworthy. They are readily accessible for consultations. They employ professional and highly trained technicians using state of the art equipment. We have had a solid and successful relationship with Turfix since day one and we have outstanding playing surfaces as a result.
    Kathy Maloney
    University of Notre Dame